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Beginning in 2014 after the successful Encuesta Buenos Vecinos, community-health research project, we began Buenos Vecinos to formally address inequities throughout Latinx communities across Washtenaw County. We are a mission driven organization and support our community members through providing resources that address various difficulties around healthcare accessibility, educational opportunities, food supply, to navigating language barriers and immigration processes and housing and financial instability. Our mission is about promoting resilience throughout the Latinx community both within our organization and throughout the broader communities we serve. We hope to grow as a supportive social network through our leadership, continued growth in building communal relationships, and establishing trust between the communities we serve, our organization and broader Washtenaw County. 

Our purpose is to serve Latinx/o/a/Hispanic-identified people. Many people who are directly connected with our organization live within the Ypsilanti Community Schools district in zip codes 48198 and 48197. Through our diligent work to build trust with students and their families at Ypsilanti Community Schools for over 7 years. Many people who engage in our programming are limited-English proficient, Spanish speaking immigrants. Buenos Vecinos primarily works with students and families.

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Academic Support and Tutoring

We support students at Ypsilanti High School through weekly tutoring sessions and other academic engagement.

Advocacy and Interpretation

​Based on our interviews, many Spanish-speaking community members are unable to access support programs which are available to them due to lack of knowledge and English proficiency. Buenos Vecinos works with these individuals to access the services they are eligible for. 

Social & Emotional Curriculum

Buenos Vecinos' custom curriculum supports student's continued growth and engagement as leaders within the Washtenaw community. 

Emergency Assistance

Buenos Vecinos coordinates the distribution of emergency aid for families’ rent, utilities, internet/phone, water, household supplies, mortgage, and food. Additionally, Buenos Vecinos facilitates collective aid and group information sharing. 

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